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    ***Orders over 1000 units call for custom quote*** 


    1 box includes 20 masks.

    Advanced environmental protection non-woven fabric, multilayer fabric an effectively resist fine particles (PM2.5) and bacteria in air pollution.

    This product is a non-medical device.

    Executive standard: GB2626-2006
    Filtration Rate more than 95%

    - CE FDA

    - 5 plys
    - Double meltblown fabrics
    - Latex free
    - Soft and comfortable
    - Non-linting
    - Three-dimensional modeling
    - Ultrasonic bonding for a cleaner mask


    1. The wearing method:
    2. Use your hands to hold the ear bands on each side. Let the nose clip upward and make the mask face the chin.
    3. Hang the ear bands on your ears and adjust them in a comfortable state.
    4. Use your forefingers and middle fingers of both hands to press the nose clip from the central part to both sides at the same time until they are close to the ears.
    5. Cover the mask with both hands as many times as possible. Perform positive pressure and direct pressure tests to ensure the tightness the mask.
    6. The user must make sure that the mask is tight-laced before the operation